Category: Product


A new dry sausage brand from the Netherlands serving a range of edgy flavours. We created the identity, labels, wrapping paper, etc…

Daan Rijkers

Daan Rijkers “Waanzinnig Dansje” Single Cover.


Deck and Longsleeve with my friends from Kingdom skatestore.

De Peel Bevrijd

Historical map of WW2 in “De Peel”.

Koffiehuisje Eindhoven

Identity Koffiehuisje Eindhoven

FRESKU Maskerade

Identity, album, etc for rapper Fresku.

Bean Brothers

Bean Brothers Identity, website and products.

Fresku X Royal X KangaROOS

Client: Royal Sneakerstore | Kangaroos Project: Shoe (Kangaroos Coil R1) design, packaging design, T-shirt, Photography            

I♥FAKE issue #4 & #5

I♥FAKE cover design and concept.

Harimau X Menanggun

Client: Independent project | Together with Schuurvondst Rijwielen & V.V.Velo Project: Frame design of the bikes | Posters | Wall Painting  

Authentic Communication

Client: Authentic Communication Project: Identity, Businesscards, Custom & Limited Coffee Cups